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Our company has added 24 units of lithium battery capacity sorting machine


This product is used for formation, volume separation, and performance parameter testing of lithium batteries. It is a master-slave comprehensive battery testing system comprising computers and micro-controllers. Featuring an advanced structure, reliable performance, and easy operation, this highly efficient system is cost-effective and indispensable for lithium battery manufacturers, capacity classification, and research institutions. It can test 1,200 lithium batteries simultaneously, significantly enhancing battery capacity classification and sorting capabilities.


Equipment structure and appearance

The equipment's structure comprises: 1. One CPU board, controlling the entire cabinet uniformly. 2. Sixty-four eight-channel constant current boards, neatly arranged across four doors. 3. Sixteen charging switching power supplies, each with four outputs servicing four constant current boards. 4. Two keyboard boards enabling front and rear double-sided operation. 5. Thirty-two sets of quick clamps, each with 16 channels, equipped with 32 battery plastic trays suitable for 18650, 26650, and 32650 batteries of three different sizes simultaneously.

The main technical parameters


Equipment structure

  1. Number of equipment channels: 512 channels in total

  2. Overall dimensions: Width 1620mmX Depth 550mmX Height 1840mm

  3. Chassis color: standard off-white (can be customized)

  4. Clamp type quick clamp four-wire clamp (pointed head, flat head, two pieces) optional, equipped with battery tray

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