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What is the working principle of solar street light?

In the solar lighting system, the solar panel charges the battery in the daytime, and the battery powers the lights at night.

Comparing to the AC grid street light,What's the advantage and disadvantage of solar street light?
  • No need to connect to the grid, and zero cost to use

  • No need to lay cables, easy to install, saving cost and time.

  • Each solar street light is independent, which can be installed in any sunny place,automatic ON/OFF, maintenance-free.

  • Solar street light is DC supply,  and the working voltage is less than 36V, which is safer.

  • The initial cost of solar street lights are 30%-50% higher than the AC street lights

How about the price of off-grid solar street light? Is the maintenance cost high?

The pricing of our solar street lights is influenced by various components such as LED lights, solar panels, batteries, light poles, and additional accessories, tailored to the specific road conditions and customer requirements for brightness. Our engineering team will devise a solution that aligns with your unique project needs, and our sales team will provide a corresponding quote. Prices typically range from $20 to $300, covering everything from 3-5W residential units to municipal road lighting projects exceeding 100W. Our primary offerings are solar street lights suitable for heights between 3-8 meters. For ongoing maintenance, the battery and LED light are recommended for replacement every 3-5 years, with costs limited to these components only.

How about the lifespan of solar street lights?

25 years above for battery and 5 years more for LED light,battery&controller.

How often does the lithium battery need to be replaced?

The battery lifetime not only depends on the quantity, but also affected by the DOD(depth of discharge). META SOLAR uses branded battery cell and manage the DOD strictly ensuring the battery life. Generally, Our LFP battery sustain 7 years more, and 5 years more with ternary lithium battery and gel battery.

Can solar road lights work in cloudy or rainy days?

Meta solar road lights can support multiple rainy days,the control system has intelligent monitoring of battery capacity and adjustment functions,benefit on this anti-power outage function,it keeps the light working everyday.

Does the solar panel need to maintenance?

Solar panel should not be covered with heavy dust, sand or bird droppings, which will lower its generation efficiency, so it needs to be cleaned regularly. Generally, it need to be cleaned every 8-10 months in rainy area , every 3-5 months in dry and dusty area.

Is solar street lights easy to broken? what's the warranty of your products?

Through the continuous efforts of our technical team, with the additional complete testing equipment and procedures, during the warranty period, the failure rate is 0.4% in 2022. At present, we provide customers with 3 -5 years warranty at different prices.

Why the newly installed solar street lights doesn’t work?
  • If the newly installed solar street light works for a short time at night, it is common, cause the initial power of the battery is only 60% for the sake of transportation safety,  generally after 2-3 days after installation, the lighting time will return to normal.

  • If it doesn’t work all night, please check the wiring and the working status of the controller indicator light, and contact our sales engineer to determine the problem.

What is all in one solar street light?

All in one street light integrates the solar panel,battery,LED light, controller together, no any wire outside, very simple for installation,just need to fix the lighting fixture on the pole.

What is all in 2 solar street light?

All in two solar street light integrates the battery,controller,LED light source inside the lamp body except the solar panel,easy for installing, meanwhile,this design allows to adjust the direction of solar panel to get the maximum solar radiation while the LED light remains in the direction of lighting area.

What is split solar street light?

The solar panel,battery, LED light, controller are separate in split solar street lighting system, it is available for high-power LED lighting fixture, the size of solar panel and battery can be designed as demand.not limited by the size of the lamp body.

How to choose all in 1,all in 2,split model in application?
  • If the pole height is no more than 8m,and not have high requirement for brightness,all in 1 and all in 2 are recommended.

  • Split model is suitable for high-power LED lighting(above 60W,8000lm),if the road width is 8m above,and have strict requirements of illumination,split model is the best choice.

How to maintain solar street light?

Please figure out the fault with our after-sales personnel, replace or repair the relevant parts based on the need.

Why is the Luminous efficiency of the lamp more important than the power?

For LED lighting, brightness is measured in lumens. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light. Wattage, however, merely reflects power consumption and is not directly proportional to brightness. Meta SOLAR utilizes super bright LED chips that achieve a luminous efficiency of up to 200 lm/W, compared to the typical 130-140 lm/W of standard solar lights.

The relationship between LED luminous efficiency and luminous flux?

Definition of luminous efficiency:it refers to the ratio of the lighting effect to the power consumption, the symbol is η, and the unit is lm/w.

Definition of luminous flux: it refers to the total light effect of the light source, the symbol is F, and the unit is lm.

Generally speaking, the higher the luminous efficiency, the higher the luminous flux. This is because a high-efficiency light source can convert more electrical energy into light energy, thereby generating more luminous flux. Therefore, when choosing lighting fixture, we should not only consider the size of the luminous flux, but also the light efficiency. efficient light sources can not only save energy, but also reduce environmental pollution.

What's the definition, difference and relationship of light intensity, illuminance and brightness?

Definition of luminous intensity: The luminous flux emitted by the light source within the unit solid angle of the specified direction is defined as the (emission) luminous intensity (degree) of the light source in this direction, the symbol is L, and the unit is candela (cd).

Definition of illuminance: the luminous flux received by the surface of the object per unit area, the symbol is E, and the unit is lux (LX or LUX).

Definition of brightness: the luminous intensity of the light source in the specified direction and unit projected area.

Why do solar street lights stay on during the daytime?

There are three main possibilities, solar controller cannot receive the input signal from the solar panel, the main reason is the wiring of the solar panel is loose or the solar panel is damaged. the solar controller is damaged. The solar panel is covered with too much dust, so that can’t receive the voltage information of the solar panel.

What's the advantage and disadvantage of LFP,Li-ion lithium battery, and lead-acid(gel) battery?

LFP (LiFePO4) Battery: Compact size, high temperature resistance, capable of deep discharge, long lifespan, safety features, and environmentally friendly.


Li-ion Lithium Battery: Small size, low temperature resistance, high energy density, capable of deep discharge, long lifespan, environmentally friendly, pollution-free, but costly.


Gel Battery: Economically priced, suited for low temperatures and high discharge rates; sealed and maintenance-free. However, it requires vigilance to prevent lead-acid pollution and is heavier, potentially facing phase-out in future applications.

What type of batteries are commonly used in solar street lighting systems?

The most popular battery is LFP(lithium iron phosphate battery), which accounts for more than 70 percent of the current solar street lighting market,Due to it’s small size,high temperature resistance, deep discharge,long lifespan,safe,environmental protection.

Can the solar street light system use a remote control?

Our all in one and all in two systems have a remote control,  you can adjust the working time and brightness of the light.

Do solar street lights need to be added with motion sensors?

On the heavy traffic road and time,we don’t suggest motion sensor,on low traffic road and time,such as country road,Urban pathway,park, parking lot,etc,you can add the motion sensor to save cost.

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