Jiangsu Meta Solar Lighting Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Meta Solar Lighting Co., Ltd.

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Our Vision

Making Solar Street Lights Accessible to Every Developing Country and Region!

Our company aims not only for profitability but also embraces social responsibilities. For many years, we have committed to developing environmentally-friendly lighting and producing responsible products. We remain dedicated to science and technology development, prioritizing quality and service, and staying market-oriented to deliver the most cost-effective solar lighting solutions. Let's illuminate the world together!

Our Vision
Year of experience Year of experience
Year of experience
Technicians Technicians
Successfully Project Successfully Project
Successfully Project
Million USD Annual Average Sales Revenue Million USD Annual Average Sales Revenue
Million USD Annual Average Sales Revenue
Company Profile

Your Trusted Partner in Solar Outdoor Lighting

We don't just seek profits but are deeply committed to social responsibilities. Over the years, our focus has been on creating green lighting solutions and conscientious products. Continually driven by innovation in science and technology, and led by quality and service, our mission is to offer cost-effective solar lighting solutions. Together, let's bring light to the world!

Company Profile
Company Profile
Production & Manufacturing​

Powerful Factory & First-Class Production Equipment

Our extensive 30,000m² facility is equipped with the latest in LED lights, solar panels, lithium batteries, and poles, staffed by over 60 employees, including 15 skilled technicians. Fully certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, our products meet rigorous international compliance benchmarks including CE, IEC, RoHS, and SASO. We prioritize understanding your needs and delivering the best value in our products.

Core Technology

Dedicated to Delivering the Optimal Experience

Pioneering Innovations in Solar Outdoor Lighting At Meta Solar, our commitment goes beyond excellent products; we are dedicated to leading-edge R&D in solar outdoor lighting technologies. Since our inception, we have secured 32 patents and engaged in over 10 national-level research projects, setting standards across industries. Our goal is to develop advanced, integrated solar lighting systems that offer longer lifespans, superior performance, and affordability, enhancing their global reach.

High Efficiency Solar Panels​ High Efficiency Solar Panels​
High Efficiency Solar Panels​

Our solar panels use the latest Passivated Emitter Rear Cell(PERC), which is more efficient than traditional cells. the transfer efficiency of mass production reaches 22.3%.it also has better performance under low-light and high-temperature.

Powerful Lithium Battery System​ Powerful Lithium Battery System​
Powerful Lithium Battery System​

Metasolar R&D team's patented lithium battery electrolyte formula (MLBEF) enables our lithium batteries to withstand extremely high and low temperatures. METASOLAR's Battery Management System (MBMS) balances the voltage and current of each battery cell, resulting in an ultra-long life of up to 10+ years.

Smart Adjustment​ Smart Adjustment​
Smart Adjustment​

We have equipped a unique remote control for the all-in-one and all-in-two lights, the user can adjust the power and time of the light independently.

IoT Remote Control​ IoT Remote Control​
IoT Remote Control​

Metasolar remote monitoring & controlling system is built based on NB-Iot technology, enabling you to monitor and manage every light via PC/PAD/Mb and find the accurate position of the broken light with the error alarm facilitating later maintenance tremendously.

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