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Optimal Solutions & Featured Products

                                          As the professional supplier of outdoor solar lighting products,we provide products and solutions for follow customer and projects


Various Enterprises, Institutions, & Commercial Groups’ Solar Lighting Projects

Meta solar has the full series of solar outdoor lighting products and solution,we can provide the first-rank design and the most featured solar lighting products based on different needs of customers, such as industrial zone, residential areas, schools,factories, Park, port,etc,we have offered tens of thousands solar road lights to Hundreds of companies, such as Chat,BYD,HUWEI,OPPLE,Philips,Delixi,Hilton,etc.


Government & Ngo Bidding Projects for Solar Street Lights

As a manufacturer of solar lighting products, we work together with customers to participate in the bidding projects of government and civil organizations. We offer them with the optimal products and the most distinctive technical solutions. Based on our cost-effective product line and rich technical experience, we have assisted hundreds of customers to win thousands of bidding projects from UNDP, UNEP, UN-habitat, World Bank and governments around the world.


Wholesale, Distribution & Agency

Meta solar warmly welcomes all kinds of people with lofty ideals to join us and become our distributor,agent or wholesaler. We provide you with effective solutions with a new SHARED FACTORY business philosophy: with all the resources of a solar lighting factory, we are determined to cultivate and support willing Local distributors and sales agents dedicated to the solar lighting industry, enabling them to:

  • Solar Lighting Specialist

  • The most competitive price supplier

  • Cultural customization solution provider

  • Top Suppliers of Solar Street Lights in the Region

  • Owner of a solar lighting factory in China


Maintenance Item of Solar Outdoor Lighting Projects

In recent years, the solar street lights installed earlier have also come to maintenance time, and Meta solar also provides maintenance solutions and accessories for these solar street lights.

One-Stop Customized Service

Getting Customer Needs
Negotiate Details
Design the Lighting Scheme
Budget the Cost and Offer the Price
Sign the Contract
Make Sample(if necessary)
Bulk Production
Arrange the Shipping
Installation Guide
Maintenance & After-sale Service

Advantage Service

Professional Sales Team-Effective Commnunication

Professional Sales Team-Effective Commnunication

Meta SOLAR has a professional sales engineer with more than five years of sales and technical experience, masters English, French, Japanese, Chinese and other languages, can solve customers' technical problems, and provide customers with the most professional and comprehensive service support.

OEM & ODM Service

OEM & ODM Service

The Meta Solarl team with 10 years of industry experience professionally provides outdoor lighting engineering planning and design custom solutions, and carries out the most perfect planning and design for the structural shape and landscape environment of outdoor landscape lighting lamps, so as to organically combine beautification, lighting and greening.

Completed Test Service

Completed Test Service

Meta SOLAR owns a professional lab with complete equipment, which can proceed many professional tests such as optics property, high and low temperature, dust proof and waterproof, corrosion resistance, and battery charge-discharge cycle . And it can simulate the working performance of the products in different application scene, and provide technical data and reports.

Professional Installation instruction

Professional Installation instruction

Meta solar has rich installation experience, we provide with installation manuals and videos, and provide instant online installation guidance services if necessary.

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