Jiangsu Meta Solar Lighting Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Meta Solar Lighting Co., Ltd.
Dedicated to Delivering the Optimal Experience
Dedicated to Delivering the Optimal Experience
In addition to crafting superior products, Meta Solar is devoted to researching and developing cutting-edge technologies for outdoor solar lighting.
We Follow the Latest Technology​

As a leader in the industry, we will focus on developing solar lighting systems that are smarter, more integrated, have a longer service life, better performance, and lower prices to promote wider global applications.

High Efficiency Solar Panels​ High Efficiency Solar Panels​
Powerful Lithium Battery System​ Powerful Lithium Battery System​
Smart Adjustment​ Smart Adjustment​
IoT Remote Control​ IoT Remote Control​
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We Are Leading International Company In The World

Production & Manufacturing​
Powerful Factory & First-Class Production Equipment
We own 24300㎡ workshops for LED lights, solar panels, lithium batteries, and poles, and more than 60 workers, including 15 technicians. Our factory is certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and our ...
Senior Technical Engineer
Production experience
Square meters factory area
Millions USD Annual Average Sales Revenue
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