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A return visit to Bangladesh

In the summer of 2018, we installed over 3,000 solar street lights across multiple villages in Ekuria, Bangladesh. By the end of August 2023, upon revisiting, we were delighted to observe that most of these lights remained brightly illuminated.


Lighting is crucial for safety, particularly en route to wells and toilets. With sunset, darkness poses a significant risk, especially for women and children. The area's electrical infrastructure is nearly non-existent. A few families, in rare instances, possess photovoltaic systems and share their power with neighbors, lighting two or three homes nightly. The installation of these lights now enables villagers to safely engage in evening activities, enhancing their quality of life.


Over five years, with ten hours of daily operation, these lights have saved 328,500 kilowatt hours of electricity. While specific local electricity costs are unknown, it's anticipated that such substantial energy savings will be acknowledged and valued by the authorities.


These lights have consistently provided essential lighting to the villagers over the years.

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