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Product Feature

1. Standard module, pluggable technology, Convenient storage, Simple installation and maintenance;

2. Professional heat dissipation structure, transparent inside and outside duct design, efficient radiating performance;

3. The shell of the paint processing, the radiator is anodized,has good corrosion resistance, suitable for harsh outdoor environments;

4. Products are waterproof joints and silicone pad sealing process, a protection level of IP65, suitable for a variety of harsh outdoor environments;

5. 180-degree adjustable bracket, easy installation, suitable for different installation sites.


Model No.MT-TLZ-001MT-TLZ-002MT-TLZ-003MT-TLZ-004MT-TLZ-005
Rated Power60W120W180W240W300W
Power supplyAC85~260V
Luminous Flux7200lm14400lm21600lm28800lm36000lm
LED Junction Temperature<100℃
LED Efficiency>120 Im/W
Color Temperature3000K/4000K/5000K/6000K
Operating temperature-35℃~50℃
Working Humidity10%-90%
IP RatingIP66
IK RatingIK08
Lamp Life>70000H
Lamp Dimension400×360×150mm
RemarkColor Temperature,Wattage and optical angle can be customized.
All parameters are tested at 25℃ ambient temperature,65% humidity laboratory environment.
All luminous flux is the maximum value among all kinds of light distribution.
Warranty3 Years

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