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Split solar street lights
  • Model: MT-FY

  • Working voltage:12V/24V

  • Battery type: lithium iron phosphate(LFP)

  • Lighting power:40-60W

  • Suggested installation height:7-9M

Product Feature

Modern curved design, light and dynamic innovative design; Modular integration design, easy installation and maintenance; Effective energy saving, extend service life; Bat-wing type light source to make a more uniform light distribution.

Components & Details

01 LED Light Source Using
01 LED Light Source Using

Using LED module, good heat dissipation, easy for maintenance

02 Lithium Battery
02 Lithium Battery

Original branded LiFePo4(LFP battery) with cycle life 2500 above, life time can reach 10 years more, perfect high temperature safety performance

03 Mono/Poly Crystalline Solar Panel
03 Mono/Poly Crystalline Solar Panel

Conversation efficiency 20% above, lifespan more than 20 years

04 Lamp Pole
04 Lamp Pole

Q235 steel plate, hot dip galvanizing and powder coated surface treating, wind resisting 36.9m/s


Model No.MT-FY-001
Rated Power40W
System VoltageDC12V
Lithium Battery12.8V/30AH
Solar Panel120W/18V
Light Source3030/5050
Light DistributionBat-Wing light distribution(150°×75°)
Light Efficiency≥170LM/W
Color Temperature3000K/4000K/5700K/6500K
IP RatingIP65
IK RatingIK08
Working Temperature-10℃~+60℃
Mount Diameter6.1kg
Lamp Weight>50000H
LED Lifespan10A
Lamp Dimension670×270×130mm
Package Dimension710×320×170mm(1pc/CTN)
Mount Height
Warranty3 Years


split teco2
split teco1
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