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Integrated all in two solar street lights
  • Model:MT-YJS

  • Working voltage:100-305V

  • Lighting power:10W-250W.

  • Suggested installation height:3-15M

Product Feature

  1. The Cobra series adopt ADC die-cast aluminum housing, an integrated molding process, a large heat dissipation area, and good thermal conductivity.

  2. The patented design of Light distribution, Uniformity of illumination can reach 0.7 or more, with no lighting spot.

  3. High-color rendering, beautifies the city

  4. No mercury, No UV or IR Radiation, environmentally friendly, long life, No harm to eyes.

  5. Compatible with LED integration COB module, application module light source design, convenient maintenance, and replacement. Uniform lightness, no spot.

  6. Using branded LED driver, guarantee a low failure rate and high efficiency.

Application: urban truck road/highway/main street/avenue/Boulevard/freeway/expressway/toll road/beltway/motorway

Components & Details

01 Lamp Body
01 Lamp Body

High-quality die-cast aluminum shell, self-thermal design, ensure the heat can be emitted fast.

02 LED Light Source
02 LED Light Source

High-power COB LED chips, high brightness, high lumen, good Cirilo heat emission. Long life.

03 Lens
03 Lens

Adopt LED optical lens with high transparency which is more than 93%, low light decay, good light distribution

04 LED Driver
04 LED Driver

Using branded LED driver, Done, MW, Philips etc. stable quality,high transfer efficiency, which can be chosen as the customer request.


Rated Power10-50W50-100W100-150W150-200W200-250W
Working voltageAC100-305V

LED driverDone/MW (Meam Well)/Philips/MOSO

Luminous efficiency of single LED chip≥180lm/W

Light distributionBat-wing distribution

Color temperature3000-6500K


Working temperature-10~60℃

Frequency (Hz)50-60 Hz

Power factor (PF)>0.95

LED Junction Temperature<65℃(Ta=25℃)

Lamp Temperature<50℃(Ta=25℃)

Conversion Efficiency>90%

Lamp House MaterialADC12 aluminum alloy

LEN materialoptical glass

Anti-electric shock RateClass

IP GradeIP65

IK GradeIK08

Product Size500*220*90mm620*270*95mm720*280*95mm880*335*110mm1100*420*110mm
Packing Size


Suggested Installation Height3-5M6-8M9-10M11-13M13-15M
lifetime50000 hours

Warranty3 years

RemarkOEM supported

Application​ of Cobra

application 1
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